Ship Agent

Why Hiring / JURF-Agency  – Aqaba:

Solid relations with port authorities, stakeholders, and institutions involved in the bureaucratic procedures related to the entrance, stay, and departure of the ships from the ports of Aqaba – Jordan allowing for a massive representation when facing the entities and the other players.

Vast database, with a huge quantity of information highly relevant about the functioning of port operations.

Exhaustive knowledge about the information related to the schedules, such as cost, running time of the operations, and security regulations.

Safe scheduling, be it because of the flow of information or because of the bureaucratic matters, with readily available and transparent services.

Proceedings in various types of operations, thus generating a huge volume of information for the agency.

Coverage of all the terminals in port/ports, thus providing contact on a unique focal point and better pricing and charging processes.

Credibility and safety, transparency and compliance protocols, besides a highly effective management model.

JURF acts as tramp and liner ship agents at the port of Aqaba offering port agency brokerage, surveillance, transshipment, husbandry, bunkering, and comprehensive marketing and sales services.

I addition, it has also managed to develop a strong market presence, extensive on-site experience in ship forwarding and all aspects of interstate and commerce, as well as distribution method and practices.

Ship Brokers

Since its establishment PMSS ship brokers have specialized in handling almost any dry/wet cargo. Through a global network, JURF brokers are able to accurately determine client needs, where available in their own fleet, or require chartering from other reputable and reliable operator.

JURF in-house ship brokers are experienced in handling short term, spot, and contracts of affreightment as well as long term time charters.

JURF acts as a prime broker for several leading international trade companies, dealing in various bulk, containerized, bagged and other types of cargo. Services presented to its clients are with high levels of operational reliability, up to date management systems, technology and tools.

Ship Operators

JURF relies on its vast and lengthy experience to ensure that each vessel is operated professionally and economically, while customers are provided with best professional services and practical shipping solutions.

Annually, a lot of commodities are being carried out by JURF various shipping lines on wet, dry and specialized vessel types. Currently JURF operations cover the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, SEA subcontinent and west Africa, with expertise in carrying out Bulk, steel pipe shipments, containerized, RoRo and heavy lift cargo’s.

JURF services extend to meet global bulk and bagged shipment requirement, its team is experienced in handling specialized contacts where attention to detail and comprehensive planning are set to meet the client’s business objectives.

The expertise acquired by JURF team since its establishment allows it to ensure timely and efficient execution of services.

Ship Chartering

Using an extensive network of industry contacts, JURF provide clients with competitive ship broking

services for dry cargo and tankers which encompasses:

– Advise to develop and refine a chartering strategy.

– Locating and estimating the best employment opportunity for any particular vessel.

– Finding the right vessel or vessels to suite a specific chartering requirement.

– Negotiation and support to finalize charter party contracts.

– Instructing the vessel Master in respect of the charter party terms.

– Appointment and ongoing liaison with port agents.

– Vessel monitoring to ensure adherence to charter party terms.

– Demurrage/dispatch calculations.

– Business development support.

– Full post-fixture and account tracking.

– Full voyage results reporting and analysis.


JURF offers experience and extensive network of contacts to source tonnage both for established players and new entrants.

Commercial Ship Management

JURF specialized commercial ship management team charters, operates and determines the best route and strategy to the maximize revenue and minimize costs for ship owners.
The operations team is highly trained and efficient with vast experience, capable of dealing with situation that may arise promptly and efficiently.

The team functions at high levels of efficiency and ensures safe handling of all types of tonnage by maintaining constant communication with ship charters, brokers, port agents, and bunker suppliers, providing detailed voyage instructions with careful consideration given to commercial and technical requirements.

Freight Forwarding Services

The precise, effective, and reliable flow of commodities is essential in the fast-paced world of global trade.

We at JURF provide top-notch freight forwarding services to connect shippers with transportation networks.

We help companies of all sizes navigate the complexities of shipping by utilising our broad network of logistics partners and in-depth knowledge of the market. Our end-to-end solutions are created to guarantee that your cargo arrives at its destination on time and in perfect shape.

This includes efficiently managing documentation, maintaining tight regulatory compliance, and collaborating with dependable carriers. Whether your shipment is transported by air, sea, train, or road, put your trust in our knowledge to handle the challenges of international shipping with ease.