Who we are

JURF has a wide range of Commercial and Technical experience on different type of ships such as Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Livestock Carriers, General Cargo Ships, Product Tankers, Chemical Carriers, RO-RO, Passengers, Supply, DSV, and DP Ships.

At Aqaba – Jurf provide world first class ship port agency services. operate and manage, follow up to protect owner’s properties and assets.

Jurf Navigation Lines & Ship Operation accepts the challenge of any tonnage as we have enough manpower and expertise to handle such ships.

Why Hiring / JURF-Agency Aqaba

  • Solid relations with port authorities, stakeholders, and institutions involved in the bureaucratic procedures
    related to the entrance, stay, and departure of the ships from the ports of Aqaba – Jordan allowing for a massive representation when facing the entities and the other players.
  • Vast database, with a huge quantity of information highly relevant about the functioning of port operations.
  • Exhaustive knowledge about the information related to the schedules, such as cost, running time of the operations, and security regulations.
  • Safe scheduling, be it because of the flow of information or because of the bureaucratic matters, with readily available and transparent services.
  • Proceedings in various types of operations, thus generating a huge volume of information for the agency.
  • Coverage of all the terminals in port/ports, thus providing contact on a unique focal point and better pricing and charging processes.
  • Credibility and safety, transparency and compliance protocols, besides a highly effective management model.
  • JURF acts as tramp and liner ship agents at the port of Aqaba offering port agency brokerage, surveillance, transshipment, husbandry, bunkering, and comprehensive marketing and sales services.
  • In addition, it has also managed to develop a strong market presence, extensive on site experience in ship forwarding and all aspects of interstate and commerce, as well as distribution method and practices.


JURF Navigation Lines & Ship Operation accepts the challenge of phrase the older tonnage as we are a highly qualified and experienced team capable of handling all types of ships.

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