Director Message

Director Message


Since the beginning, JURF has dedicated itself to providing the finest care, punctuality, and effectiveness in the movement of commodities, memories, and promises across oceans and continents. We are aware that every shipment has a backstory, whether it concerns a company waiting for inventory, a family moving to a new country, or a budding entrepreneur getting their first shipment of goods. Your story serves as our guide and motivates us to deliver.

You can explore our website to find a variety of services that are suited to your various shipping requirements. We’ve optimised every stage of the shipping process to give you an unmatched experience, from customs brokerage to warehousing to door-to-door delivery. We encourage you to look around our website, familiarise yourself with our selection of services, and even get in touch with our staff of experts who are always willing to help.

Our web solutions that provide real-time tracking, e-scheduling, and digital documentation demonstrate our dedication to technological innovation. You’ll notice that with every click, our tradition of excellence and contemporary innovation come together to provide you with a shipping experience that is nothing short of remarkable.

We are aware that the shipping industry sometimes resembles a complex labyrinth. But when it comes to JURF, think of us as your reliable navigators. Our reputation is based on the confidence of thousands of people who have repeatedly selected us as their shipping agent. Your confidence in us drives us ahead and motivates us to innovate, change, and improve our services.


In conclusion, we’re happy to have you on board whether you’re here to make a cargo, track a package, or simply learn more about the business of shipping. Let’s traverse the enormous oceans of opportunity together and make sure your cargo arrives at its destination quickly, effectively, and on schedule.

Warm regards,

Dr. Capt. Issa Hasan
Managing Director
Jurf Navigation Lines and Ship Operation